Foxtrot – Shopping App Redesign

The Ask:

Foxtrot is a shopping & delivery service headquartered in Chicago. Their app lets users shop a highly curated collection of drinks, food, and everyday essentials, which are delivered to their door in 60 minutes or less. Additionally, they operate two physical retail storefronts, allowing customers to shop in-store and attend special events.

As Foxtrot has grown, they recognized the need to enhance their customer experience with additional features and services such as delivery scheduling, gift options, and more. Additionally, they wanted to improve customer adoption and retention by streamlining the onboarding, shopping, and checkout experiences.

The Approach

After performing an online survey to gather broad user opinions and preferences, I performed a card sort to determine the effectiveness of Foxtrot’s product and category structure. I followed that up with usability testing to understand where the existing app could be improved.

Next, I wrote user stories and developed acceptance criteria and user flows for each. Finally I began designing wireframes in Axure, which were handed off to a visual designer to create final visual designs.

My Role

User research, UX design, Usability testing, User stories

Designs and Deliverables


Interactive Prototypes

See interactive prototype