UnitedHealthCare – New Member Onboarding Plan

The Ask:

With the Affordable Care Act increasing the number of Americans buying non-employer provided insurance, health insurance companies are faced with a customer base that has more freedom than ever to change their insurance provider. With this in mind, UnitedHealthcare was looking for someone to understand and improve the customer experience of new members who have switched to UHC.


Due to state and federal regulation, we would have very little opportunity to change the way UHC actually operated. Our goal was to identify customer pain points and develop a package of communications and interactive tools to improve the customer’s experience with the company and better equip them to navigate the existing insurance landscape.

Our team did a combination of primary and secondary research, interviewing insurance customers and reviewing transcripts and videos from several existing ethnographic studies that had already been performed. In was responsible for synthesizing our findings into a experience journey map, experience principles, and design criteria. Based on these inputs, we developed a variety of concepts for improving existing communications and developing new ones.

My Role:

User research, UX strategy