Intel “Intelligent Point of Sale” Software

The Ask:

Intel’s Intelligent Point of Sale software (“IPOS”) enables retail shoppers to learn about and explore the capabilities of Intel devices without the pressure of a salesperson. The software, which is installed on thousands of devices in computer showrooms around the world, automatically detects the system specifications of the device and displays this information in an easy-to-understand, interactive experience that educates the shopper. Additionally, a cloud-based admin panel allows retailers to control and modify hundreds of devices at a time,¬†enabling them to customize prices, promotions, and branding.

During my time as lead designer on the product, our team delivered many new features and improvements over several releases. These included modules to allow retailers to disable network settings while in demo mode, an enhanced product comparison configuration tool, and a CSV upload feature for importing device configurations from existing inventory systems.

My Role:

UX Designer