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The Microsite is Dead. Long Live the Microsite!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

For a couple years now, “microsite” has been a dirty word. Facebook apps and tabs became the de facto home for promos, contests, and interactive apps. Fish where the fish are, right? But as Facebook has shrunk and pages and tabs, and as users access the web from mobile devices in ever-larger numbers, Facebook tabs are no longer the clear-cut choice they once seemed. What’s the solution? The venerable Microsite, of course.


Targeted Ads: A Public Service

Monday, December 6th, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about digital privacy these days, with much of the concern centering around online advertising. “I don’t want marketers building up information about me!” people say. What they fail to realize is that these kinds of marketing profiles don’t produce more ads – Just better ones.

I am a married, childless, 28-year old male who enjoys camping, cycling, and skiing. I currently rent my home. I have no need to see ads for dating sites, feminine hygiene products, or debt consolidation services. If advertisers can use my marketing profile to show me ads for camping products, ski vacations, and design books instead, everyone wins.

Ad-supported websites, apps, and digital services have to sell ads, with or without targeting. Without targeted profiles, these ads become less relevant to the user, which makes them less valuable to the advertiser. Therefore the content provider cannot charge as much for them. Meanwhile, the user is still seeing ads.  They’re just less useful and more annoying.

Advertising is how we get most of the free websites, apps, and services currently out there. Without the revenue that comes from high-value targeted ads, sites and services must respond by having more advertising (of the low-value, non-relevant variety) or by reducing free content.  I don’t want to see either.